9 Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for Christmas 2019

9 Best Christmas Lights for Outdoor

We are soon going to enjoy the Christmas holidays. And it is the best time to plan the decoration especially lighting. There are thousands of outdoor Christmas lights available.  Luckily, we tried some of them and found the best lights.


Our winner: 50 LED Multi-Color C9 Strawberry Lights

Our Runner UP: Solar Powered Copper Wire Christmas Fairy Lights

Best for pathway: Candy Cane Pathway Lights for Christmas

100 Green Wire Christmas Lights

If you are looking for the ultimate in classic Christmas string lights, these bright white green-wired lights should do the trick. They are super popular on Amazon right nowadays.


50 LED Multi-Color C9 Strawberry Lights


These colorful multicolor Christmas lights are strawberry-shaped C9 lights. They should be a fun addition to any house. These multicolor Christmas lights shine brighter than normal Christmas lights because they are LEDs. They are big and should last a long time.

33′ Dimmable Multi-Colored LED Christmas Rope Lights

These Christmas rope lights are great for if your planning to wrap around trees and fences. Theses Christmas rope lights are battery-powered.  They are dimmable. These rope lights come with a remote to control them as you like.

Solar Powered Copper Wire Christmas Fairy Lights

These copper-wire Christmas fairy lights powered by solar. Since they are powered by solar, they’ll automatically light up your house, trees, lawns, or bushes as soon as the sunsets. They are power efficient and do not require any management.


24 Blue & White Clip-On C9 Bulbs for Christmas


These textured C9 bulbs for Christmas offer an icy vibe in blue and white.  Each light has individual clips so it’s easy to line your roof for a polished, wintery show.

144 Star Curtain Lights for Christmas

These star-shaped curtain lights for Christmas will add a fun, classical glow to any window or wall.


Candy Cane Pathway Lights for Christmas


If you are looking to light the way to your front door, these are the best pathway lights for Christmas.  They are shaped like little red and white candy canes.

Outdoor Laser Light Projector for Christmas

If you want to go bold, This multi-color light projector for Christmas is the perfect option. It will add flecks of red and green to the exterior of your entire home. You will really enjoy the super festive snow with this projector.

100 White Wire Christmas Lights

If you like a white wire, these are the best White wire Christmas lights for this holiday season.



We have listed some of the best Christmas lights for outdoor. We hope that you enjoyed the review. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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